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Impossible Foods Introduces Meatier Brand Identity, Transitions to Bold New Packaging Across its Award-Winning Portfolio of Meat From Plants

The audacious new approach intentionally leans into the craveability of meat, designed to welcome more consumers into the plant-based category and champion the future of meat – from plants, for meat lovers

New rebranded Impossible logo
Collage of redesigned Impossible brand elements

ANAHEIM, Calif. (March 14, 2024) — Today at Natural Products Expo West, Impossible Foods ushered in its boldest era yet with a new brand identity inspired by the craveability of meat. The California-based company is inviting meat-eating and flexitarian consumers to believe in a future of food that is better tasting, better for people and better for the planet.

A new, striking red aesthetic is at the heart of Impossible’s brand identity evolution, but this move is more than a color change. It is designed to directly reflect the company’s foundational ambition: to make meat from plants that tastes as good or better than the animal, is nutritionally competitive with high-quality protein, fiber, no cholesterol and less saturated fat, and has a smaller environmental footprint compared to the animal products it aims to displace.

Impossible has already proven successful in getting meat eaters to try its products, with 90% of its consumers having identified as eating meat. Now, Impossible is more audaciously challenging preconceived notions of what defines “meat,” and encouraging meat lovers to do the same.  

“We’re the fastest growing plant-based company in America, so it’s a good time to evolve from a position of strength. We wanted packaging that lived up to and reflected the deliciousness of our products while really popping on the shelf,” said Peter McGuinness, president and CEO of Impossible Foods. “We want to be inclusive to anyone who enjoys great food. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, an animal meat-lover, or somewhere in between. What we want to do is educate consumers that they can still enjoy meat by incorporating into their diet a version that’s made from plants instead of animals.”

Impossible has spent more than a decade investing in its award-winning product portfolio, driven by the guiding premise that consumers should not have to change their lifestyles in an effort to be more environmentally conscious. To prove this, the company studied animal meat at a molecular level and achieved an understanding for how plant ingredients can be used to recreate meat’s craveable characteristics. The science is clear on two fronts: meat from plants is just as satisfying and also decidedly better for the planet compared to the animal meat products it’s designed to displace.

The new brand strategy and identity system stems from a partnership between Impossible’s in-house Marketing and Creative teams, led by Chief Marketing & Creative Officer Leslie Sims, and globally-acclaimed branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR). The design intention is to appeal to the carnivorous cravings of meat eaters across the full consumer journey, from the digital experience to most consumers’ first impression of a brand: packaging. On-shelf, the bold red packaging reinforces the fact Impossible products taste, cook and satisfy like meat from animals. 

“We’re not just growing a brand, we're growing an entire category,” said Sims. “For a long time, meat eaters didn’t see us as something for them. But our mission relies on attracting meat eaters, so we wanted to do what we could to be more inviting in our approach and messaging. We’re confident that once they try us, they’ll be in.”

Impossible's updated packaging will hit shelves throughout the US over the coming weeks before continuing overseas later this year. The highly-anticipated Impossible™ Beef Hot Dog(opens in a new tab) will be the first new Impossible product to feature the red packaging.

The company’s announcement comes as Impossible continues to increase its market share, outpacing the growth rate of the rest of the US plant-based meat category in both dollar sales and unit sales. Impossible is the fastest growing meat from plants brand in the US and is the only major brand experiencing consistent growth,(1) fueled by increased velocity and distribution across its expansive network of more than 30,000 retail stores and 45,000 foodservice locations.

About Impossible Foods:

Impossible Foods is on a mission to positively impact people and the planet by making delicious, nutritious meat from plants with a fraction of the environmental footprint of meat from animals. The privately-held food company was founded in 2011 to combat climate change by taking a scientific approach to making the world’s best meat — from plants. Every nugget, burger, and patty we sell uses less land and water and generates less greenhouse gas emissions compared to the animal version. We make plant-based chicken, beef, and pork products for every meal — breakfast, lunch and dinner — with a goal of replicating the flavors, textures, and cooking characteristics that meat eaters crave.

Impossible Foods products are designed in California, produced in California and the Midwest with U.S. and global ingredients, and are available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit in a new tab) and follow us on Instagram(opens in a new tab), X(opens in a new tab) and LinkedIn(opens in a new tab) for updates.

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1. Calendar Year to Date Circana Data through 2.25.24, Total US MULO.

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