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Impossible Burger with cheese, pickles, onions, tomatoes and fries and ketchup on a red trayImpossible Burger with cheese, pickles, onions, tomatoes and fries and ketchup on a red tray
Yellow text that reads "CN Labeled"

Meet Your Students’ Newest Obsession

We took everything we know and love about meat and aimed to make it even better – using plants. Then we received Child Nutrition Labels!

(Made for Meat Lovers)

Hi there! We’re Impossible Foods.

We make delicious, nutritious and sustainable meat made from plants that students of all ages love. And now that we have national distribution, we’re bringing better options to schools across the country. Get in touch with our team to request a sample!

(Rising Demand)

Give students what they want

The next generation is eating more plants than ever before. In fact, the top 3 reasons kids and teens move away from meat are the environment, health and taste. That’s why our products are a hit - Impossible Foods was voted the #1 preferred plant-based brand of choice among teens(opens in a new tab).

Now you can give students CN-labeled options they crave that also align with their values!

Impossible sausage breakfast sandwich with melty cheese and egg on a plate on a pink background

(Student Approved)


Consumers of all ages love ImpossibleTM products because they perform like animal-derived meat in a variety of dishes, from burgers to tacos, meatballs, spaghetti with meat sauce, salads, breakfast sandwiches and more! And ImpossibleTM Beef yields up to 28% more meat than 80/20 beef cooked at the same temperature, so you get more burger for your buck.

That’s meat on a mission.

Why ImpossibleTM dishes are a must for your school menu

Discover why so many schools are serving Impossible™ meat made from plants.

... because they're already eating Impossible dishes off campus!

Many of your students’ favorite restaurants and retailers are already serving Impossible products. And guess what? So are the distributors you purchase from!

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(Our Products)

Put More Meat Made From Plants
On Your Menu

Check out our Child-Nutrition Label Approved product lineup. Made from plants. 100% delicious.

Impossible Burger Bulk

16oz = 11.09 oz equivalent
MA,Halal, Kosher, Gluten Free

Impossible Burger Patty

4oz = 2.75 oz equivalent
MA, Halal, Kosher, Gluten Free

Impossible Sausage Made From Plants

1.6 oz = 0.5 oz equivalent

(Meat Made From Plants)

Request a Free Sample

We’re seeing students actively seek out Impossible products. Join the movement by serving them at your school or district. Impossible products are available for national distribution, so fill out your info below to request a sample today!


(Food for thought)

Free Resources for Schools

Check out our toolkit of helpful resources for school districts. From insights to launch checklists, we have you covered.

Not a School Representative? That’s OK!

If you’re a parent or fan of Impossible Foods and want to see our products served at your local school, send an email to [email protected](opens in a new tab). Make sure to include the school name and contact info, and we’ll reach out!

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