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California Supply Chains Act

Disclosure Under the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act

The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (the “Act”) requires certain retailers and manufacturers doing business in California to make disclosures regarding efforts to eliminate slavery and human trafficking in their supply chains. This statement is provided on behalf of Impossible Foods and its affiliate entities (collectively, “Impossible”).

Our mission is to make our planet a better place, and that extends to every part of our supply chain. We choose to work only with suppliers who have a strong track record of working with fairness, humanity and dignity. As we scale, we’re developing a program to certify that all materials we purchase comply with applicable laws regarding slavery and human trafficking. Not only do we hold our employees to internal accountability standards; we also provide training to employees directly responsible for supply chain management -- particularly with respect to identifying and mitigating risks.

Impossible expects suppliers to have and practice values and standards of conduct consistent with those of our own company. Our Supplier Code of Conduct states the standards required of our vendors regarding the protection of labor conditions and human rights, as well as other ethical business practices. Use of child and forced labor are specifically and explicitly prohibited.

Verification - We purchase ingredients and packaging from domestic and foreign suppliers. The company verifies its supply chains by doing business with reputable suppliers that are well-established and respect the legal requirements of the jurisdictions in which they operate. 

Employees who have primary responsibility for finding, contracting with and otherwise relating to our suppliers are alert to the issues underlying the Act, and have been instructed to remain vigilant for any indication of the use of forced labor or human trafficking by those in our supply chain. Additionally, questions are included in the supplier questionnaire that require prospective and current ingredient and packaging vendors to verify their commitment and compliance with the Act.  

Our suppliers typically have a formal business conduct or similar policies, which are reviewed  to determine whether they are consistent with our Supplier Code of Conduct.  In addition, our contracts with suppliers require their adherence to all applicable laws and regulations, including those which prohibit slavery and human trafficking.  

Audits - Impossible suppliers undergo a qualification process managed by our strategic sourcing team. We continue to enhance our audit program which focuses on supplier compliance with its quality and ethical standards. We will take prompt action if our strategic sourcing team finds evidence that a supplier is engaging in any illegal activity, including slavery or human trafficking. 

Certifications - Impossible does business with reputable suppliers that to our knowledge are in compliance with the legal requirements of the jurisdictions where they operate and that typically have formal policies in effect to reinforce that their business activities will be conducted in a legal and ethical manner. Impossible is in the process of implementing a verification program confirming compliance with laws and regulations of the country or countries in which a supplier does business, including those regarding slavery and human trafficking. 

Accountability. Impossible requires our employees to follow policies that require lawful and ethical conduct in every aspect of business dealings. We have a Standards of Conduct Policy in our Employee Handbook that includes the requirement of employees to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Our employees are required to comply with our company policies. Our commitment to use ingredients and materials sourced from suppliers not engaged or otherwise involved in human trafficking and slavery is no different. Accordingly, as with any alleged violation of company policy, we will investigate the issue and take the appropriate action up to and including termination.

Training - Our employees with direct responsibility for sourcing and supply chain quality and auditing are expected to adhere to the company’s ethical practices, especially as it relates to supply chain management.  These employees are also trained with respect to mitigating risks within the supply chains of products. Our internal training programs that focus on these expectations continue to be enhanced.

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