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Created to introduce consumers to Impossible™ products and the broader plant-based category, Impossible’s all-new ads will run throughout the summer

Making Meat HistoryMP4

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (June 9, 2023) — Impossible Foods is gearing up for summer with the launch of two new national advertising campaigns designed to introduce consumers across the country to the plant-based meat category as well as Impossible’s brand and products. 

Premiering this Sunday, June 11 during the 76th Annual Tony Awards® broadcast, Impossible’s “Making Meat History” campaign is a rollicking 90-second musical advertisement. It explores the history of meat through the ages and up to the present day, when the musical’s “historian” narrator introduces meat from a new animal called “the plant”. Impossible created the ad to familiarize consumers with the concept of plant-based meat and its benefits in a lighthearted, entertaining and memorable way. 

The second campaign, “The Summer of Impossible”, serves to stake the company’s claim as a maker of meat for meat-lovers that just happens to be made from plants. It highlights the many benefits of Impossible products through a series of shorter, product-focused vignettes featuring quippy dialogues between an Impossible™ Burger and a burger made with animal meat. Impossible will continue to introduce new vignettes throughout the summer to keep the campaign fresh and entice consumers to put Impossible on their shopping list all season long. 

“We need to welcome consumers into the plant-based space and give them a reason to choose Impossible," said Leslie Sims, Chief Marketing & Creative Officer of Impossible Foods. “These campaigns are lighthearted and approachable by design to make the choice between our products and animal meat feel less intimidating. We want consumers to know they don't have to give up the meat they love. Impossible products are meat – just made from plants – so they're still delicious and have a ton of other benefits."

Both campaigns were developed in partnership with SUPER SERIOUS(opens in a new tab), the newly established creative studio led by celebrated actor and television host Terry Crews(opens in a new tab) and his co-founders Matthew O’Rourke and Paul Sutton. The studio, which embodies the mantra “everything is entertainment”, has adopted an agile and iterative approach to creative development and plans to produce work for television, feature films, commercials and everything in between. SUPER SERIOUS immediately saw Impossible Foods as the right client to launch its business, as the founding trio shares a genuine affinity for Impossible’s purpose and products. 

And to direct the musical spot, SUPER SERIOUS signed on the acclaimed Emmy-winning film and music video director, Jake Scott(opens in a new tab)

The summer marketing effort adopts a more inclusive and accessible tone for the brand, seeking to transcend vegan and vegetarian audiences to reach as many flexitarian and meat-eating consumers as possible. Impossible Foods has not historically invested in sustained traditional advertising, instead leaning on high-profile partnerships, earned media and word-of-mouth to increase brand awareness. Now, under the new leadership of Sims, the company is ramping up its marketing engine to drive trial and invite new consumers to make this summer “The Summer of Impossible”.

About Impossible Foods:

Impossible Foods is on a mission to positively impact people and the planet by making delicious, nutritious meat from plants with a fraction of the environmental footprint of meat from animals. The privately-held food company was founded in 2011 to combat climate change by taking a scientific approach to making the world’s best meat — from plants. Every nugget, burger, and patty we sell uses less land and water and generates less greenhouse gas emissions compared to the animal version. We make plant-based chicken, beef, and pork products for every meal — breakfast, lunch and dinner — with a goal of replicating the flavors, textures, and cooking characteristics that meat eaters crave.

Impossible Foods products are designed in California, produced in California and the Midwest, and are available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. For more information, please visit in a new tab) and follow us on Instagram(opens in a new tab), Twitter(opens in a new tab) and LinkedIn(opens in a new tab) for updates.

Media contact: Megan Krogius ([email protected](opens in a new tab))

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