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(Re)Introducing ImpossibleTM Beef Made From Plants

Team Impossible

Impossible beef ingredients. Protein of soy, flavor of heme and yeast, fat of coconut and sunflower oils, and binder of food starch.

We’ve been amazed at the number of creative ways chefs and home cooks use Impossible Burger. We made it versatile enough to be used just like ground beef in any dish, from pasta bolognese, to kebabs, to dumplings, to meatloaf and pho. 

Like ground beef from cows, Impossible Burger can be grilled, sautéed, steamed, formed, crumbled and used in an infinite number of applications.

Needless to say: Impossible Burger is so much more than just a burger. 

Starting this month, grocery shoppers in the U.S. looking for our 12oz Impossible Burger package will see it with a new name: Impossible™ Beef Made From Plants. We’re making this change to spark the imagination and reflect just how versatile our raw plant-based ground beef product really is.

For some, this isn’t a new change. Consumers in certain international markets like Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand are already familiar with the name Impossible Beef Made From Plants. We’ve used it on our 12oz package (or international equivalent) in select markets since launching in grocery stores in Hong Kong in 2020(opens in a new tab)

New Name, Better Recipe 

In addition to the new name, U.S. consumers will also find that the label on the front of the package now highlights that the product has 33% less saturated fat than ground beef from cows. 

That’s because we made a few incremental adjustments to our recipe in order to be more competitive with animal meat on taste and nutrition. 

Impossible Beef now has 25% lower saturated fat than our prior recipe (6g v. 8g), meaning it has 33% less saturated fat than beef from cows (6g v. 9g). 

We promise, it's still juicy and delicious. 

We also improved the overall protein quality of Impossible Beef to pack 38% of the recommended daily value for protein (19g), which is slightly more than the percent daily value (%DV) of protein of 80/20 ground beef from cows (36%).

To achieve these changes, we reduced the amount of coconut oil in our recipe, added an amino acid, and increased the amount of protein from soy while removing protein from potatoes. The change doesn’t significantly impact the other nutrition facts on the label, and it doesn’t introduce any new known allergens either. You can find our new ingredient list here(opens in a new tab).

The best part? Impossible Beef is now even more competitive with the cow on sustainability. An updated Life Cycle Assessment for Impossible Beef shows it uses 92% less water (previously 87%), 96% less land, and produces 91% less greenhouse gas emissions (previously 89%) than 80/20 ground beef from cows (Impossible Burger LCA, amended 2022). 

Impossible Beef is still as craveable as ever, with the familiar savory flavor, sizzle and versatility of ground beef from cows. And as always, Impossible Beef still contains 40% less total fat (13g v. 23g), 0mg cholesterol (13g of total fat per 4oz serving), and no animal hormones or antibiotics compared to conventional beef from cows. 

A win for your tastebuds and a win for the planet. 

Where to find it

Our new recipe has already begun rolling out widely in restaurants, and it will start appearing on grocery store shelves this month. By early 2023, all Impossible Beef and Burger products in-store and on-menu will feature our recipe updates. 

You’ll still be able to find our pre-formed fresh and frozen burger patties under the ‘Impossible Burger’ name. 

This is not the first time we’ve introduced an improved recipe(opens in a new tab), nor is it sure to be the last. Unlike meat from animals, we can continue to make our products better through recipe changes and improvements, and we’re always working to make our products even more delicious, nutritious and sustainable. So, stay tuned!

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