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Impossible™ Meat From Plants


We eat so much meat, it's causing other problems too.

Meat’s got a big problem. It’s too good. We humans love it too much. And we can’t stop eating it, even though we're told that eating too much of it is bad for our bodies and will eventually cause us to run out of water and land, while filling up our air with carbon emissions. Somehow, none of that seems to matter, because meat is just too delicious to eat less of it. 

So why not solve the meat problem with MORE meat? Wait, what? Yeah, as meat lovers ourselves, we’ll fix meat with meat—by giving the world seriously meaty and delicious meat from plants that tastes as good as meat from animals, while being nutrient-packed, better for the planet and better for animals too. So everyone can keep eating meat forever and someday, cows can go back to not becoming hamburgers. Imagine that.

We see a future where the planet thrives while generation after generation of humans live happy, meat-filled lives. Sound totally impossible? Perfect.


No one wants to eat less meat. It tastes way too good.

We agree. So we make meat from plants that tastes as delicious as the animal version. Have you heard that 4 out of 5 people who try Impossible Burgers like them? Or that Impossible Chicken Nuggets were preferred 3 to 1 in a head-to-head comparison with animal chicken nuggets?

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Where's the meat? This map knows. And it can even give you directions to all the Impossible™ meat from plants you could want.

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