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Few cuisines can claim to be as universally beloved as Mexican. Flavor-packed meats topped with gooey cheese, fire-roasted veggies and spicy salsas—who can resist? From game-day snacks to family dinners, Mexican food is comfort food.

With Impossible™ Burger, you can enjoy all those mouthwatering flavors you crave while doing the planet a solid. You can substitute Impossible™ Burger for ground beef in any of your favorite Mexican recipes, but we’ve selected a few that are sure to become part of your repertoire.

Buen provecho!

IMPOSSIBLE™ QUESADILLAS(opens in a new tab)

The ultimate late-night snack, we’re pretty sure quesadillas were invented to address the question “is there anything better than melted cheese?”

Sure, throwing some cheese inside a tortilla and popping it in the microwave will do to satisfy a case of the munchies, but if you want to experience the full potential of a quesadilla, Impossible Foods Chef J. Michael Melton has a recipe that will blow your mind. 

Spiced Impossible Burger takes this snack standby and makes it a tasty meal that packs a protein punch. But the star here is Chef J. Michael Melton’s roasted corn salsa, with its bright, tangy pop that lifts the savory Impossible Burger and melted cheese blend to a new level of bliss. If you’ve never put together homemade salsa before, don’t worry! It’s really not difficult, and the freshness will ruin jarred salsas for you forever!

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IMPOSSIBLE™ CHILES EN NOGADA(opens in a new tab)

Everybody knows and loves tacos, but Mexican cuisine is so much more! This dish, traditionally served for Mexican Independence Day, comes courtesy of high school chef Nicholas Snyder, who shares his take on his grandma’s family recipe.

Nothing beats the smoky goodness of a fire-roasted pepper, so make sure to get a good char on the poblano chiles—either over a gas burner or in the broiler. Then, stuff them with a picadillo made with Impossible Burger, fruits and tomato sauce. The whole thing is blanketed with a creamy nogada sauce infused with nutty flavor. While the dish is typically topped with pomegranate seeds when in season, Nicholas suggests using diced strawberries for a delicious meal any time of year.

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Salpicón is another staple of Mexican cuisine that you might not have heard of but might just become a new favorite. With most of these dishes, the texture of the meat can make or break it – but that’s especially true of Salpicón. Luckily, Impossible Burger cooks up just like meat, packs the same spicy, meaty flavor, and is much better for the environment, so you can feel good about eating this delicious dish!

Salpicón means “medley,” and that’s exactly what you get with chef Traci Des Jardin’s recipe for Goldbelly. After simmering your Impossible™ Burger in a guajillo sofrito, you’ll serve it up on a crispy corn tostada and bed of creamy pinto beans. Top it off with the various notes of tart pickled onions, guacamole, fresh cilantro and spicy arbol salsa, and you’ll have a mouth-watering flavor medley!

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Looking to add even more nutrients to your protein-packed Mexican recipes with Impossible Burger? Try this taco salad from Kevin Curry, the man behind the popular wellness app FitMenCook. Not only do you get to enjoy a tasty Mexican-flavored salad, you can also eat the bowl at the end of the meal, so you’ll have fewer dishes to wash!

Curry also includes helpful hacks for some healthy substitutions, like using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and wheat tortillas rather than flour. Plus, it’s a salad, so you can always experiment with adding other veggies!

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IMPOSSIBLE™ TORTILLA SOUP(opens in a new tab)

Tortilla soup is a classic for a reason. A dish that always hits the spot, it’s especially great for a hearty, spicy warmup on a chilly night. This recipe, again from James Beard-winning Chef Traci Des Jardins, ups the hearty factor with meaty Impossible Burger and adds some nice final touches like fresh avocado, sour cream, and of course a squeeze of lime. Plus, she describes how to fry up  those signature crispy tortilla strips to sprinkle on top.

As with all soups, it just gets better and better the more you cook it, so be sure to make extra!

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IMPOSSIBLE™ STREET TACOS(opens in a new tab)

Of course, no list of Mexican favorites would be complete without tacos. With this recipe for Impossible street tacos, you can impress your friends and family by cooking up some authentic street tacos, the smaller, cuter cousin to the standard taco. (You can find the small tortillas at most supermarkets.)

Chef J. Michael Melton again walks you through making your own salsa, this time an addictive salsa verde. Made from a blend of roasted tomatillo (a more acidic tomato with a husk), spicy jalapeno and bright lime juice, this salsa packs a punch and gives your Impossible Burger the right zing for a perfect bite.

Set up a buffet-style serving station and let everyone customize their street tacos. Just be sure to make enough for seconds!

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