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The first thing you think of when you hear the word ‘sausage’ is probably ‘breakfast.’ We’re with you! There’s just something about that rich,  unmistakable aroma in the morning that pairs perfectly with most any breakfast. Impossible™ Sausage(opens in a new tab) is made from plants and easy to include with any of your favorite breakfast (or brunch!) dishes. All the satisfying flavor and protein of pork sausage with 0 mg of cholesterol (4g saturated fat per serving), 30% fewer calories and 47% less total fat when cooked compared to the leading brand of pork sausage.

Needing a little morning inspiration in the kitchen? Check out four of our top breakfast recipes with Impossible Sausage below. Each one is easy to make and showcases the delicious flavors of our two Impossible Sausage varieties—savory(opens in a new tab) with a peppery herbaceous taste, or spicy(opens in a new tab) for those who like things with a bit of kick.

Impossible™ Sausage Made From Plants Breakfast Sandwich(opens in a new tab)

The breakfast sandwich is a relatively new idea. Nowadays you can get one at just about any bagel shop or fast food restaurant. They’re wonderfully warm and portable for busy mornings. But our Impossible Sausage Breakfast Sandwich adds one thing to that list: delicious. The savory goodness of our Impossible Sausage takes the breakfast sandwich to a new level.

You can use either English Muffins or bagels to form your sandwich. And hey, if you can find crumpets, those work great here as well. Regardless of what you use, toast them in the oven for a few minutes before you begin to build these breakfast sandwiches.

These are perfect for a school and work morning when everyone is in a hurry and needs to have something for the road that will keep them full until lunch.

Impossible™ Sausage Biscuits And Gravy(opens in a new tab)

This is a traditional country breakfast—warm, substantial and loaded with heartiness—so you can go out and hunt or do farm work or just hold down the fort at your desk until noon without getting hungry. Our Impossible Sausage Biscuits and Gravy is a plant-based version of this traditional breakfast, still oozing with flavor and heartwarming goodness. 

You can either make the biscuits from scratch or grab your favorite pre-packaged roll from the supermarket. The cooking time on this dish is fairly short, so you can make the gravy while the biscuits are in the oven. But don’t be intimidated about making gravy!  It’s not too difficult and the results are far-and-away better than any gravy you can get in a can or a packet. 

Pour gravy over those steaming hot, fresh-out-of the oven biscuits and dig in.

French Toast and Impossible Sausage Made From Plants(opens in a new tab)

It’s Saturday morning and you want to make a filling and flavorful plant-based dish for your breakfast bunch.  What could be better than Impossible Savory Sausage Made From Plants and French Toast dripping with maple syrup?

Nothing, frankly.

To make this dish 100% plant-based, feel free to use your favorite plant-based milk. Oat milk is a delicious alternative to regular milk or soy milk, and would work well here.  We like to use a fresh loaf of French sourdough for the French toast, as it will soak up the flavors but not fall apart or go limp when you’re cooking.

Paired with juicy and golden brown  Savory Impossible Sausage will be fresh strawberries, maple syrup, and probably a cup of coffee. Not only does this dish greet your day with a wonderful mix of flavors, it looks great on the plate. Take a photo and dig in!

Impossible™ Sausage Made From Plants Breakfast Scramble(opens in a new tab)

This is the perfect dish to make when you’ve just woken up and are super hungry—and cereal just won’t do. You can make it while your coffee is brewing! The prep time is six minutes and cooking time is another eleven minutes. This recipe serves four to six people, so it’s ideal if you have a few hungry mouths to feed.

Start by chopping up a red bell pepper and some chives, shred some cheddar cheese, and pull out your Savory version of Impossible Sausage. (Please note the tip within the recipe about cooking the eggs; it’s a good one!)

When your friends or family come stumbling into the kitchen saying, “What smells so good?” you can ask one of them to set the table while  the other makes the toast.  And no coffee until they’ve done that. Enjoy!

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Want to find Impossible Sausage near you? Head to our locator.(opens in a new tab)

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