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Nothing brings people together more than food, and cooking is one of life’s greatest pleasures. When various holidays come around throughout the year, our favorite traditional foods return—but what happens when your guests or you need to adjust the ingredients in your holiday recipes? This year, we’re celebrating some twists on the old standards. Want even better news? Impossible™ products are perfect for everyone—from picky eaters, to those avoiding meat, to gluten-free folks and those with allergies.*

We invite you to try these curated recipes that are for any number of holidays, from a quick party appetizer and main entreés and finger foods like New Year’s Day nachos.  Get ready to salivate, because all of these recipes use Impossible™ products in mouthwatering, delightful and innovative ways.


Here’s a stuffing recipe that is not only a perfect complement to the holiday turkey, but can also be a main course dish for the vegans or vegetarians at your table. Rich with flavor and packed with protein, this is the kind of recipe that could become standard for the Thanksgiving table for years to come.

You’ll be using Impossible Burger as the centerpiece of this sweet and savory dish. The savory flavors come from sage, onions, fennel, thyme (among others) and our delicious Impossible Burger. The sweet flavors come from diced apples and golden raisins. The recipe calls for stale bread, but if you don’t have any on hand, just cube several slices of fresh bread and pop them into the oven for a few minutes. 

When all these ingredients come together, we’re pretty sure that people will pass on more turkey and want more of this incredible stuffing.

IMPOSSIBLE ™ BBQ MEATLOAF(opens in a new tab)

You know that week before New Year’s when you still need to feed your family but your energy is lagging? Here is a recipe that is one of our most popular meals using Impossible Burger: the Impossible BBQ meatloaf. It’s tangy, tasty, delicious and comforting. 

What’s even better: it’s super simple to make and only requires six ingredients.  (Didn’t we say it was the perfect solution?). This recipe is from Chef Mimi, creator of the Black Food and Wine Experience, a festival and expo of Black chefs, winemakers and mixologists held annually in Oakland, CA.  She also hosts the Bringing It to the Table cooking show. Her plant-based meatloaf recipe will give you a hearty meal for dinner or an easy lunch if make a sandwich around a slice of meatloaf! 


Oh, no! It’s your turn this year to host the annual neighborhood holiday get-together/church choir holiday party/family New Year’s Eve pre-festivities cocktail party. Impossible™ Holiday Appetizer Meatballs are the perfect solution for what to set out beside the usual cheese plates, salsa and chips, and that old standard: chopped veggies and dip.

Making the meatballs is the easy part.  (Actually, the whole recipe is the easy part). Just take out a bag of Impossible Meatballs from the freezer and put them in your slow cooker. Now you don’t have to make the Impossible™ BBQ sauce, but it’s awfully easy to do and why not make your own sauce? It won’t have any preservatives in it like the BBQ sauces you get at the store.  And the whole thing cooks with your meatballs in the slow cooker anyway.

See? We told you it was easy. And delicious. And fun. Your crowd will love these things so much, they may vote to have you host all these parties again next year.  Is that so bad? Not really.


Nachos as a Holiday food? Most definitely! 

January 1st is a big day for college football bowl games, and you might have a hungry crew around the house all afternoon (and into the evening) watching college football or just recovering from the prior night.  What could be better than serving them some deliciously crunchy and meaty nachos?  But not just any nachos -- these are Loaded Impossible BBQ Nachos from Haven’s Kitchen. (Tip: Haven’s Kitchen makes delicious sauces that can be found all over the country(opens in a new tab).)

The combination of Impossible Burger and Haven’s Kitchen BBQ sauce will make these nachos irresistible. They are incredibly easy to make, so you can enjoy the games out of the corner of your eye while you’re making them. You may want to unroll the paper towels. These are messy (but delicious!) fun.


If you find yourself hosting a house full of hungry relatives, this breakfast sandwich is an easy (and super satisfying) option for breakfast. Not only is it filling and universally loved as far as breakfast options are concerned, you can assemble several of these and keep them warm so that guests can enjoy them as they wake up and stumble into the kitchen.

Made with Impossible™ Sausage Made From Plants, this is a delicious option that is better for the planet and won’t require a trip out of the house to pick up breakfast.

From plant-based alternatives to the main meal to protein-rich appetizers, Impossible Foods has you covered. We hope you enjoy cooking these recipes with loved ones as much as we love sharing them!

*Impossible™ Burger Made From Plants and Impossible™ Sausage Made From Plants Savory and Spicy flavors are all certified gluten free, kosher and halal, but contain soy. Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets Made From Plants and Impossible Meatballs Made From Plants both contain soy and wheat.

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