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Introducing ImpossibleTM Meatballs Made From Plants

Impossible Foods is excited to officially announce that Impossible™ Meatballs Made From Plants (opens in a new tab)are now available to serve at foodservice locations across the country. Now it’s easier than ever to give diners what they crave - delicious, convenient and sustainable options. Keep reading to learn what inspired us to add a fully cooked, ready to eat product to our portfolio, how adding Impossible Meatballs to the menu can dramatically simplify your BOH operations, and to get inspired by all the mouthwatering dishes you can create - in under 15 minutes!

Industry Overview: Consumers are seeking more meat alternatives than ever

Meat made from plants is no longer a niche trend - it’s a full on movement. The category continues to surge as consumers become aware of the impact that food has on their health and the environment and adopt a ‘flexitarian’ lifestyle that incorporates more plant-based proteins into their diets. We’re seeing a ripple effect of these choices across the restaurant industry, from 60% YoY increases in shipments of plant-based proteins to commercial restaurants(opens in a new tab) to the term ‘plant-based’ rising 35% on menus(opens in a new tab)

Restaurants of all sizes are innovating their menus for one reason: consumers actively seek out plant-based meat. The research firm Pipslay(opens in a new tab) interviewed 37,000 consumers and discovered: 

  • 54% of Americans have tried plant-based meat at popular chains

  • 70% enjoy the menu items and 

  • 60% would continue to eat them

Other surveys have found that 30% of diners would switch restaurant brands to satisfy their taste for plant-based meat(opens in a new tab) and 52% would reconsider going to a restaurant that did not offer vegetarian or vegan options.(opens in a new tab) This is important for foodservice industry professionals to understand, because your restaurant could be missing out on sales if you don’t have plant-based offerings on your menu. 

Heat and Eat: Simplified operations for BOH staff

However, adding new menu items isn’t always easy, especially if your kitchen doesn’t have the equipment required to cook from raw. That’s why we decided to make Impossible Meatballs a fully cooked and ready to eat product -- so they are operationally simple to prepare, but deliver the juicy bite consumers expect from meatballs.

From sandwich shops to pizza chains, upscale establishments and everything in between, Impossible Meatballs can work on your menu because they are fully cooked, pre-portioned and pre-seasoned, so they take the guesswork out of cooking. Simply heat Impossible Meatballs in the oven, on a stovetop, or simmer in sauce, and cook them exactly how you would cook any conventional homestyle meatballs. No extra equipment or training needed!

Versatility: More builds across diverse menus and dayparts

Impossible™ Meatballs aren’t our first ready to eat product - we launched Impossible™ Sausage Made From Plants(opens in a new tab) in 2020 to address the challenges of serving delicious and convenient plant-based breakfast items. Then we followed up with Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets Made From Plants(opens in a new tab) to give operators more quick and easy options across all meal occasions and with younger consumers.

We created Impossible Meatballs with the same goal -- to make a product that cooks and tastes like conventional homestyle meatballs and that could be easily added to various builds (Italian, Asian, Pizza, European) and dayparts (lunch, appetizers, dinner, To-Go). Throw Impossible Meatballs in a sub or create a fun Impossible™ Swedish Meatballs appetizer. They’re also great in Impossible™ Beef with Broccoli, Impossible™ Spaghetti and Meatballs or on top of mashed potatoes Norwegian-style. You can even add them to soups and stews or make a spicy Impossible™ Albondigas dish.

Check out our blog 20 Quick and Comforting Impossible™ Meatball Dishes to Add to Your Menu for more inspiration. 

Impossible™ Spaghetti and Meatballs using frozen plant-based meatballs in a rich marinara sauce over pasta.

Ready to see how Impossible Meatballs perform on your menu? Request a free sample!(opens in a new tab)

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