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Happy taste buds. Happy planet.

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Hello China! Nice to meet you.

We make delicious meat and dairy products from plants — with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals.

Our mission is to turn back the clock on climate change by reducing our reliance on animals as a food technology to build a sustainable and scalable food system by 2035. Why? Animal agriculture uses a tremendous amount of the world's natural resources. In 2011 our founder, Dr. Pat Brown, a former pediatrician and Professor Emeritus at the Stanford University School of Medicine, brought together a team of top scientists to analyze meat at the molecular level and determine precisely why meat smells, handles, cooks and tastes the way it does. We then recreated those craveable meaty flavors in plant-based ingredients to create our flagship product, Impossible™ Beef Made From Plants*.

We debuted our first product, Impossible Beef Made from Plants, in 2016, and we plan to commercialize additional meat, fish and dairy products around the world. Impossible Foods is based in California, and its products are available in tens of thousands of restaurants and grocery stores across the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Macau.



Before Impossible Foods, there was meat and there were plants. Back in 2011, we started with a simple question: "What makes meat taste like meat?" Then we figured out how to make it with plants.

Heme is what makes meat taste like meat. It’s an essential molecule found in every living plant and animal -- most abundantly in animals -- and something we’ve been eating and craving since the dawn of humanity. Here at Impossible Foods, our plant-based heme is made via fermentation of genetically engineered yeast, and has been extensively studied and safety-verified by the US Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada, the Singapore Food Agency, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, food safety experts and peer-reviewed academic journals.

Impossible Burger hero image griddle plant based burger with green background Plant Based Protein Foods
Impossible Burger hero image griddle plant based burger with green background Plant Based Protein Foods



Food Ingredients PROTEINS



Health and safety have always been core to our mission. We don't only want to make meat differently -- we want to make it better. Impossible™ products have the nutrition of meat from animals, but are free of animal hormones and antibiotics. Instead, we hand-pick each ingredient for health, nutrition, safety and overall environmental impact.

Cows and pigs with general prohibition sign, no symbol, circle-backslash symbol
Cows and pigs with general prohibition sign, no symbol, circle-backslash symbol

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What's the most effective way to reduce your environmental footprint? We'll give you a hint: It starts with your plate. That's right -- adjusting your diet can be better than getting solar panels, driving an electric car, or avoiding plastic straws. That's where Impossible Foods comes in. We make delicious meat, fish, and dairy products, from plants, so you can eat what you love, and save the planet that you love. Small actions lead to big change. Learn more about why we do what we do, and how you can take a bite out of it.


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July 2011

Impossible Foods is founded by Dr. Patrick O. Brown.

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July 2016

Impossible Beef Made From Plants makes its worldwide debut at chef David Chang's restaurant, Momofuku Nishi, in New York City.

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September 2017

Impossible Foods begins production at first large-scale manufacturing facility in Oakland, California.

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October 2017

U.S. colleges and universities begin serving Impossible Beef Made From Plants at on-campus dining halls.

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December 2017

Announces partnership with DOT Foods, the largest food redistributor in America.


We're here to answer your questions! Reach out to [email protected].

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*Impossible Beef Made From Plants is known as Impossible™ Burger in the US and Canada.

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