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10 Meaty Recipes with ImpossibleTM Burger for Meatless Fridays

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Craveable recipes with meaty protein, made from plants, just in time for Meatless Fridays

Hearty chilis. Mouthwatering meatloaf recipes. Savory meatballs. You never have to sacrifice taste with Impossible Burger. Chefs are amping up Meatless Fridays with craveworthy, meaty recipes made from plants. We’re talking about stick to your ribs and warm-your-soul beefy recipes.  

“Meatless Fridays are a time for my family and I to have a meal that we all can enjoy. Using Impossible Burger, made from plants, has given Meatless Fridays a new meaning: My son Jamir gets to indulge in his favorite BBQ meatloaf and everyone is satisfied,” says Chef Mimi of @IamChefMimi. And yes, we do have her mouthwatering meatloaf recipe below. 

Ready to get cooking your favorite comfort foods recipes for Meatless Fridays? Check out these ten easy Impossible Burger recipes that will make you say TGIF. 

Impossible™ Salisbury Style “Steak”

Meiko Temple amps up a classic Salisbury-Style "Steak" at home with mouthwatering Impossible Burger, smothered in umami mushroom gravy. Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Chef Meiko Salisbury Steak recipe Impossible Burger 12 oz retail brick with peas and mashed potatoes

Impossible™ BBQ Meatloaf Recipe

The ultimate comfort food, this meatloaf recipe gets a makeover with Impossible Burger, peppers, onions, and spices. Then it gets dressed in delectable BBQ sauce. Serve with rolls and a green salad. Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Impossible BBQ Meatloaf cut into slices on a wood cutting board.

Impossible™ Penne Arrabiata 

California Chef Traci Des Jardins created an extra spicy penne arrabiata with meaty Impossible Burger that comes together in just 30 minutes flat. Buon appetito! Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Impossible Foods Penne Arrabiata Recipe made with Impossible Burger Easy Ground Beef Recipes with Few Ingredients

Cheesy Impossible™ Shepherd’s Pie

Delight your taste buds and feed your soul with this cheesy pie, full of meaty goodness. Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Impossible Foods Shepherd's Pie Recipe made with Impossible Burger Simple Ground Beef Recipes

Impossible™ Patty Melt

A swoon-worthy, cheesy sandwich made with salty dill pickle slices, sweet cola-caramelized onions, and beefy Impossible Burger nestled between thick rye bread slices. Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Recipe for Impossible Patty Melt made with Impossible Burger on blue plates

Impossible™ Italian Meatballs Recipe

These meatballs pass the nonna test — or at least she won’t know they are made with deliciousness from Impossible Burger. Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Easy Impossible foods Meatballs Recipe made with Impossible Burger served in a blue bowl Easy Ground Beef Recipes with Few Ingredients

Impossible™ Gumbo

Gumbo is a Louisiana specialty. While it is traditionally made with meat or shellfish, Chef Darius Williams swaps in Impossible Burger for a crowd-pleasing, satisfying dish. Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Impossible™ Tortilla Soup

Hit the spot with this loaded tortilla soup by Chef Traci Des Jardins. It’s chock full of beefy Impossible Burger, crispy tortilla strips, shredded cheese and sour cream in a tomato base. Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Try this Impossible™ Tortilla Soup Recipe made with Impossible™ Burger.

Three Bean Impossible™ Chili

You are just 20 minutes away from satisfaction with this mouthwatering chili made with not one, not two, but three different beans, loaded with veggies, and amped up with crumbled Impossible Burger. Top it off with luscious cilantro-lime crema for an out-of-body experience. Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Three Bean Impossible™ Chili made with Impossible™ Burger

Ravioli Lasagna with Impossible™ Burger Bolognese

It’s ravioli and lasagna all in one. This cheesy pasta dream combines the best of both worlds. It’s laden in romano and mozzarella cheeses for an ooey-gooey meaty bite. Get the recipe here(opens in a new tab).

Try this Impossible™ Ravioli Lasagna Bolognese made with Impossible™ Burger

Impossible Burger is made for your favorite ground beef recipes — with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals. 

And, it’s made for meat lovers: It cooks, sizzles, and tastes like ground beef from cows.* Plus, it uses 96% less land, 87% less water, and generates 89% less GHG emissions than beef from a cow — so you can be good to the planet and your taste buds.

*In a home usage study of 254 consumers who cooked with the Impossible Burger, 70% thought the taste was comparable to or better than ground beef from cows and 77% thought it sizzled like ground beef from cows.

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