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Welcome To Impossible Ranch. Yeah, It’s A Real Place.

A cattle ranch that used to make meat the old way, will now be making meat the new way—from plants, of course.

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Where meat comes from plants and rescue cows live long, happy lives.

We’ve been hard at work transforming a cattle ranch in South Carolina that used to make meat the old way, so we can now use it to make meat the new way—from plants. And when meat comes from sunny fields of plants, the rescue cows get to live worry-free for years to come.

Impossible Ranch is a living, breathing educational resource where our commitments to giving back to the planet and supporting animal welfare are front-and-center.

And we’re working with the family that has tended the land for generations to grow and harvest lovely new crops including: soybeans, sunflowers and coconut trees. Yep, plants that represent the key ingredients in your favorite Impossible nuggets, sausages and of course, burgers.

BTW, every time you choose Impossible Beef over the animal version, you use 96% less land, 92% less water, and generate 91% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.*

*Impossible Foods Life Cycle Assessment of Impossible Burger, Amendment for Impossible Beef and Impossible Meatballs, ISO compliant; WSP, 2022.

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