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Impossible Burger Patty Melts on plates on purple backgroundImpossible Burger Patty Melts on plates on purple background

Meet Your Customers' Newest Obsession

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We took everything we know and love about meat and aimed to make it even better using plants. Discover all the ways Impossible Foods + your menu =
a match made in heaven.

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Meaty Meat Made From Plants

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Hi there! We're Impossible Foods.

Impossible™ products are carried by more than 30,000 foodservice operators globally because of how delicious they taste, how popular they are with guests and how easily they incorporate into menus.

Together, we’re redefining the future of food.


Give Guests What they Want

In case you haven't heard, the market for meat made from plants is growing rapidly. 60% of adults are trying to eat less meat made from animals(opens in a new tab), and consumers of all ages are actively seeking sustainable products because they care about their health and the environment. But vegans and vegetarians aren't driving this growth. Meat eaters are.

Why Meat Made From Plants is a Must for your restaurant

Discover why restaurants who serve Impossible products report incredible results.

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Impossible Chicken is perfect for any occasion – lunch, dinner, appetizers, family meals, snack time, you name it. Our chicken is loved for its juicy white meat interior, while our chicken nuggets and tenders also have a golden, deliciously crispy breadcrumb exterior. Impossible Chicken will be a hit on your menu. How do we know? Impossible Chicken Nuggets for restaurants were preferred 74% to 26% in a head to head comparison with animal chicken nuggets.* It’s time to bring the whole family to the table.

*In a blind taste test in Irving, TX, of 201 meat-eating consumers, many of whom regularly eat plant-based products, 74% preferred our Impossible Chicken Nuggets restaurant product over animal chicken nuggets from a leading supplier.

A map of Impossible Foods foodservice partners located in Dubai.A map of Impossible Foods foodservice partners located in Dubai.



Nearly half of the people who visit our website are looking for restaurants that serve Impossible products. Make sure they can find you!

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