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3 easy ways to add ImpossibleTM Chicken Nuggets to the menu

Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets Made From Plants are taking over menus because of their crispy breadcrumb exterior, juicy white interior and irresistibly meaty texture. In fact, Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets served in restaurants are so good, they were preferred over the leading animal chicken nuggets 74% to 26%!*

Fully cooked and ready to heat, these delicious nuggets are ready in under 3 minutes, making them a perfect addition to your menu.  From delicious kids meals to grab-n-go items to dinner favorites, we’re sharing some of our favorite menu builds that are sure to please your guests. And if you’d like to learn more about getting Impossible Chicken Nuggets served at your restaurant, click here.

Convenient Lunch items

With more diners than ever seeking convenient to-go options, incorporating Impossible Chicken Nuggets into popular takeout menu items is crucial. Datassential(opens in a new tab), a leading market research firm for the food industry, polled 4,800 restaurants around the country to find out which plant-based chicken items they’re launching on menus, and top hits include chicken sandwiches, salads and subs. 

  • Caesar Chicken Salad Wrap

  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich

New and Unique Dinner Items

Plant-based meat is skyrocketing on menus and shelves, and plant-based chicken is no different. When we asked consumers what they were excited to try in restaurants, 77% of consumers expressed interest in Impossible Chicken Nuggets.* Impossible Chicken nuggets are a no-brainer -- they’re delicious, cook in under 3 minutes and are a 1:1 swap for animal chicken nuggets in any dish.

They’re also one of the fastest growing categories of plant-based meats at retail, projected to grow 26% from 2020 - 2030(opens in a new tab). As more diners return to eating at restaurants, offering up familiar menu items in new and unique ways could be an excellent strategy for driving traffic and demand. 

  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza

  • Chicken Parm

  • Chicken Caesar Salad 

Family-friendly appetizers & kids meals

Millennial parents are huge advocates for plant-based and sustainable food. 59% of parents expect restaurants to offer plant-based fast food options*** and Millennials with kids are consuming plant-based meats(opens in a new tab) more often now compared to a year ago than Millennials without kids.

Younger generations are a driving force changing the food landscape as they introduce plant-based foods at family meals and directly influence their children. This means that smaller plant-based menu items, like appetizers, sides or kids meals, are great revenue drivers that can help you increase traffic, sales and check sizes.

  • Orange Chicken Poppers

  • Chicken Sliders

  • Classic Kids Meal

Check out our blog if you want to learn how to attract more millennials and Gen Z to your restaurant(opens in a new tab).

Add Impossible Chicken Nuggets to the menu

Restaurants who serve Impossible™ menu items report experiencing increased sales, traffic and demand. Are you ready to see what Impossible Chicken Nuggets can do for your menu?

Request a Sample!(opens in a new tab)

*In a blind taste test in Irving, TX, of 201 meat-eating consumers, many of whom regularly eat plant-based products, 74% preferred Impossible Chicken Nuggets (restaurant product).

**SCORES Concept Test with Impossible Chicken Nuggets in Restaurants, June 2021, n=1049 gen pop

***Mintel Quick Service Restaurants March 2021 Report

(Hot off the press)

2021 State of Meat in Foodservice Industry Report

Get the latest plant-based industry insights from Impossible Foods.

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