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(Impossible Foods ERG)

Latine Employee Resource Group

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Established in 2019, the goal of Los Imposibles is to gather a community of like-minded individuals and advocate for Impossible Foods’ presence in Latine* communities, as well as promote Latine recruitment into IF's technical roles.

*Los Imposibles opts to use Latine (instead of Latinx)(opens in a new tab) for a gender-inclusive modification of Latinas/Latinos that is also mindful of the Spanish language and native Spanish speaking countries.


  • Education & Awareness

  • Community Outreach

  • Business Challenges

  • People/Talent/Pipeline

  • Key Initiatives

  • Latine-restaurant outreach: Los Imposibles partnered with Latine chefs and restaurateurs(opens in a new tab) to donate thousands of pounds of Impossible™ Burger and increase access to nutritious food. Latine cuisine has become one of the most important and dominant trends in the American food sector, and Los Imposibles is showing ways to incorporate Impossible Foods’ products in traditional recipes.

  • Latine community awareness: Los Imposibles published the company’s first blog (“Celebrando el Mes de la Herencia Latine ¡Al estilo Imposible!(opens in a new tab)”) for Spanish-speaking fans and customers. Los Imposibles also joined the Oakland Latino Chamber of Commerce to reach out to Latine business owners in our local East Bay community.

  • Education & Advocacy: To raise awareness of issues facing the Latine community and Latine youth, Los Imposibles brought in a guest professor from San Jose State to present to the Impossible™ team. Los Imposibles also partnered with Edgar Castrejon, a first generation Mexican-American chef and content creator, to create new recipes using Impossible™ products in traditional Latine cuisine and share about issues in the Latine community as a guest speaker for our Impossible team.

  • Latine Heritage Month: During Latine Heritage Month, Los Imposibles hosted programming including happy hours with authentic plant-based Peruvian foods and employee ofrenda creations at our offices and production site to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos!

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