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Setting the record straight: How “Moms Across America” lies to promote a dangerous, fundamentalist agenda

Statement by Rachel Konrad, Chief Communications Officer at Impossible Foods

“Moms Across America” has escalated a year-long campaign against Impossible Foods to push its anti-vaccine, anti-GMO agenda to anyone gullible enough to listen. The group’s latest salvo is a pathetic “news release” full of lies, anti-science rhetoric and ignorance of basic arithmetic.

Please read our comprehensive rebuttal of the latest MAA attack against Impossible Foods here.(opens in a new tab)

MAA classifies itself as a non-profit, but make no mistake: This outfit is a supplement-pushing e-commerce company that collects and sells consumer data, funded by the sale of utterly ridiculous products such as $60 bottles of “hydrogen water,” coal extracts and other junk. By MAA’s own admission(opens in a new tab), it gets a commission on sales of supplements from other affiliates — and none of the products it pushes has been evaluated or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or any other governmental authority. (The FDA confirmed last year it has no questions about the safety of Impossible Foods’ key ingredient(opens in a new tab).)

It’s sad, but perhaps not surprising, that MAA keeps trying to trash Impossible Foods. MAA’s goal is to eliminate genetic engineering, as well as the vaccines and insulin made using GE technology — while pushing quack products via its marketing and e-commerce site and affiliates. By contrast, Impossible Foods’ goal is to transform the global food system(opens in a new tab), improve public health and preserve biodiversity — with an approach rooted in science, consumer choice and transparency.

Don’t amplify ridiculous propaganda from charlatans. Don’t buy into quackery.

If you’d like a deeper understanding of Impossible Foods, you’re in the right place(opens in a new tab). We’re here to answer any and all questions about the extraordinary safety record of our key ingredient(opens in a new tab), our awesome use of genetic engineering(opens in a new tab), and our mission to eliminate animal agriculture(opens in a new tab) — and more. After you digest all that info, we’re sure you’ll want to find the closest place to score an Impossible Burger(opens in a new tab).

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