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Davos: What’s for Dinner

Davos: What's for Dinner #3

Impossible Foods at WEF18

Davos: What's for Dinner #1

From top left, clockwise: Vietnamese Phở, Imperial Rolls, Gnocchi Bolognese, Thai Larb, and Italian Meatballs, all made with the Impossible Burger

At the beginning of every year, 3,000 VVIPs from nearly 200 countries meet in the small Swiss mountain town of Davos to discuss the global, regional and industry agendas put forth by the World Economic Forum (a nonprofit foundation whose members include the most powerful political, business, and cultural leaders of our society). Delegates focus on urgent issues of the day — including climate change and, increasingly, how to make our global food system sustainable.

For the first time, the WEF is serving the Impossible Burger to its delegates — an honor for Impossible Foods, but more importantly, an opportunity for the world’s most well-resourced change-makers to discuss the crucial connection between planet and plate.

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Chef Traci Des Jardins, in the Davos kitchen

Leading the culinary charge is philanthropist and award-winning chef Traci Des Jardins (classically trained in Monaco under chef Alain Ducasse), who is overseeing the preparation of 10 Impossible meals throughout the five-day meeting. Her creations include Italian meatballs, gnocchi with bolognese sauce, Mexican tostadas, Thai larb, Vietnamese phở, French tartare, and of course, classic American hamburgers (see photos above)— all made with the Impossible Burger. In addition, Pat Brown, IF CEO and Founder, is participating in Davos events as a WEF “technology pioneer” for the second year in a row.

To celebrate this moment in time, we’ve shared some photos of our team from behind-the-scenes at Davos.

Davos: What's for Dinner #3

Davos: What's for Dinner #2

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