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Store Team Training

Equip store teams with the information they need to talk about ImpossibleTM Burger to shoppers in-store

Keep scrolling to find talking points & a downloadable FAQ sheet for your store team.

Talking Points

The top 5 things you need to know about Impossible Burger.


What is Impossible Burger?

  • It’s meat made from plants! It cooks, tastes, and sizzles like ground beef, but is way better for the planet.*

Why should I try Impossible Burger?

  • Impossible Burger is delicious, packed with nutrients, and is way better for the planet than meat from cows — it requires 96% less land and 87% less water to produce, and generates 89% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

How does Impossible Burger compare to beef, nutritionally? 

  • Impossible Burger is comparable in nutrition to 80/20 ground beef — it contains 19g of protein and is an excellent source of iron. But unlike beef, it has 0 mg of cholesterol, 14 g of total fat (that's 35% less than 80/20 ground beef!), and 8 g of saturated fat per 4 oz serving. It also contains no animal hormones or antibiotics.

How do I cook Impossible Burger?

  • Impossible Burger cooks and handles like ground beef — grilled, sautéed, baked, sauced, you name it. You can use Impossible Burger as a direct replacement for beef in your favorite recipes, from burgers to tacos to meatballs to lasagna.

  • In fact, Impossible Burger only shrinks 10% or less when cooking — far less than  traditional 80/20 ground beef from cows, which loses approximately 25% of its weight when cooking. So you get even more burger for your buck with Impossible Burger.

*In a home usage study of 254 consumers who cooked with Impossible Burger, 70% thought the taste was comparable to or better than ground beef from cows and 77% thought it sizzled like ground beef from cows