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In-Store Marketing

The resources you need to sell and market ImpossibleTM Burger in your store

On this page, you can find in-store merchandising guidelines and downloadable, print-ready signage.

(Placement Guidelines)

In the Meat Aisle

Impossible Burger should be merchandised in the fresh meat aisle. It can be cross-merchandised in the plant-based foods section as well. It’s best for your business and our brand. Here’s why:

A study(opens in a new tab) led by Kroger and the Plant-Based Foods Association found that merchandising plant-based meat next to animal-based meat increased plant-based meat sales by 32%.

9 in 10 Impossible Foods consumers also eat meat from animals at least once a week.*

*Finding from the Impossible Foods Brand Tracker, December 2020

(Download the PDF)

Circular Guidelines

Download this guide with tips on how to feature Impossible Burger in your circular ad or weekly flyer.


Circular Ads

We already created the assets for you. Just download the PDF and update the pricing to use in your weekly circular ad.

Impossible Foods_Circular Ad_8x4.875_8 oz PattiesJPG

Impossible Foods_Circular Ad_8x4.875_12 oz BrickJPG

Impossible Foods_Circular Ad_8x9.75_8 oz PattiesJPG

Impossible Foods_Circular Ad_8x9.75_12 oz BrickJPG

Impossible Foods_Circular Ad_2x2_8 oz PattiesJPG

Impossible Foods_Circular Ad_2x2_12 oz BrickJPG