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Award-winning. Craveworthy. Delicious.

ImpossibleTM Beef is meat made from plants, for people who love eating meat. Our first product, the award-winning Impossible Burger, is a massive hit with consumers and foodservice operators because of its meaty taste, premium quality and versatility. Businesses that serve ImpossibleTM dishes have experienced increased growth, traffic and demand. Are you ready to be next?

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There’s a new burger on the menu.

People love eating meat. But they also want to make better choices. So we decided to take action for the planet AND palate. Our first product, the award-winning Impossible Beef, is a massive hit with consumers and foodservice operators because of its meaty taste, premium quality and versatility.

That’s why we’re carried in thousands of locations -- from retail & restaurant chains to cafes -- anywhere consumers can get their hands on it! You don’t get on Yelp’s Most Loved list for nothing. Because let’s be honest, who wants to eat a veggie patty?

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Mouth-watering Meat
Made From Plants

Anything you can do with beef mince you can do with Impossible Beef. Grilled, sauced, braised, spiced — you name it.

Food HeroHands Pizza
Impossible Burger patty melt with cheese and caramelized onions on blue plate


Our first product, made from plants for people who love minced beef -- with the delicious taste you know and love.


Soy proteins deliver that meaty bite and essential nutrition. Curious about soy? Here’s what our VP of Nutrition has to say.

All About Soy

Turns out the key to meat flavour is the same molecule that makes it a good source of iron: heme. Yeast extract (a natural flavor) adds a savory kick.

All About Heme

Coconut and sunflower oils give Impossible Beef its juicy sizzle.

Methylcellulose (E461), a culinary binder commonly found in ice cream, sauces, and jams, and food starch, a carbohydrate commonly found in foods like canned soup, bring it all together.

(Let's Get Cooking)

How to Cook Impossible Beef

We've put together our best tips to help your culinary staff create delicious dishes with Impossible Beef. From burgers to tacos, quesadillas, pizza, lasagna, sandwiches, meatballs, soup and more, we've got you covered. If you can cook with minced beef, you can cook with Impossible Beef.

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Consumers everywhere are asking for Impossible products. Join the movement by serving them at your restaurant. Fill out your info below to get in touch with a distributor today!

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