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Making chili can be an all-day affair, sprinkling in spices throughout the day while football plays in the background. But it can also be as simple as throwing your ingredients into a slow cooker before work and coming home to a savory, hearty meal. Whatever your style, here are three easy chili recipes that will satisfy hungry eaters when you sit down for dinner, but won’t stress you out in the process.

Image of chili made with Impossible burger cooking on the stove in a big pot
Image of chili made with Impossible burger cooking on the stove in a big pot

(Easy Recipes)

Delicious and Easy Chili Recipes

Don’t let anyone tell you that chili(opens in a new tab) shouldn’t have beans in it. This chili recipe is a one-pot protest to all those who insist on this notion, as there are three different types of beans included: great northern beans, kidney beans, and black beans. Talk about a protein-rich meal! In addition to the 19 grams of protein per serving provided by Impossible Burger, beans have long been a go-to source of protein in most parts of the world. While there are over 400 types of beans worldwide, some are more nutritious than others. Black beans are a powerhouse, boasting 15 grams of protein and 15 grams of fiber in a single cup.

We encourage you to give our Three Bean Impossible™ Chili(opens in a new tab) a try. It may even win you a chili cook-off (please let us know if it does.) 

Whether you’re serving Impossible™ Chili Con Queso(opens in a new tab) as a side dish or bringing it to a potluck, this irresistible dip is a tried-and-true favorite. Infinitely tastier than a store-bought dip you’d find in a jar, this recipe combines our hearty Impossible Burger with tangy Mexican cheese mix, poblano peppers, and plenty of spices like garlic, cumin, and coriander. Once it’s prepared, keep it warm and melty in a slow cooker while you get those tortilla chips ready!

Impossible™ Chili Cheese Fries(opens in a new tab) calls for slow-cooked Impossible™ Chili and crunchy homemade french fries. Amazing, right? However, if you want to create this mouthwatering recipe in half the time, here’s a tip: use leftovers and frozen french fries. Use any remaining chili from the last time you made one of our Impossible™ chili recipes and defrost it while baking or frying your french fries. Next, prepare the melty cheese sauce. When everything is ready, top it all off with sour cream and scallions. Voila! Delicious chili cheese fries without having to hover over a hot stove. Enjoy piping hot!

Chili made with Impossible Foods heart-healthy Impossible Beef Lite.


80 min
  • 8份量
  • 25食材
  • 難度不太高
三豆 impossible™ 辣肉醬
A large bowl of Impossible Beef Chili Con Queso with tortilla chips.

ImpossibleTM Chili Con Queso Recipe

35 min
  • 4份量
  • 14食材
  • 超級簡單
impossible™ chili con queso recipe


65 min
  • 4份量
  • 15食材
  • 難度不太高
impossible™ 辣肉醬芝士薯條
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