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Impossible Foods' Global Grocery Store Debut At Gelson's

  • Award-winning Impossible™Burger makes global grocery store debut tomorrow at all 27 Gelson’s outlets in Southern California, from San Diego through Los Angeles, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara

  • Impossible Foods will announce additional retailers later this month, when the Impossible Burger debuts at some of America’s favorite grocery stores on the East Coast 

  • Unique cooking show with Chrissy Teigen’s mother, culinary enthusiast Vilailuck “Pepper Thai” Teigen(opens in a new tab), will pay homage to the world’s most influential home chefs: grandmothers, who will inspire people to make delicious, nutritious, mind- blowing meals at home

  • The Impossible Burger will make its worldwide debut in grocery stores Friday at all 27 outlets of Gelson’s Markets in Southern California — the first time that the general public will be able to buy and experience the Impossible Burger at home.

    The Impossible Burger is the award-winning, plant-based meat that rivals ground beef from cows for taste, nutrition and versatility(opens in a new tab). The Impossible Burger is on menus in more than 17,000 restaurants, but home chefs never had a chance to work with the Impossible Burger – until now.

    “Three years ago we introduced plant-based meat to top chefs in America’s most important restaurants. They consistently told us that the Impossible Burger blew them away(opens in a new tab),” said Impossible Foods’ CEO and Founder Dr. Patrick O. Brown. “We can’t wait for home cooks to experience the magic – whether using Impossible Burger in their family favorites or inventing new recipes that go viral.”

    To celebrate its global retail launch, Impossible Foods is sponsoring a cooking show-style VIP event Thursday night with Vilailuck “Pepper Thai” Teigen(opens in a new tab), who will pay homage to the world’s most influential home chefs: grandmothers, the people will inspire us all to make delicious, nutritious, mind-blowing meals at home. Pepper Thai is a culinary enthusiast, grandma and mom of Chrissy Teigen.

    On Friday, a diverse crew of grandmas will share their culinary wisdom and cook their favorite dishes in Los Angeles. Impossible Foods’ retail launch party, “Grandma’s House,” will celebrate its debut in retail and serve up free samples from 11 am to 6 pm PT (until supplies last) at the Westfield Century City’s Cabana, located on Level 3 of the shopping center.

    Throughout the fourth quarter and in early 2020, Impossible Foods will expand its retail presence by launching the Impossible Burger in industry-leading grocery stores in key regions. Impossible Foods will launch in additional grocery stores later this month, when the Impossible Burger makes its East Coast debut. 

    As the leading food tech startup scales up production and capacity – both at its own plant in Oakland, Calif., and with leading food co-manufacturer OSI Group(opens in a new tab) – it will accelerate its retail push.

    “Our first step into retail is a watershed moment in Impossible Foods’ history,” said Impossible Foods’ Senior Vice President Nick Halla, who oversees the company’s retail expansion. “We’re thrilled and humbled that our launch partners for this limited release are homegrown, beloved grocery stores with cult followings in their regions.”

    For photos and video b-roll of the Impossible Burger’s retail launch, please click here(opens in a new tab). Be sure to tag your own photos #CookImpossible and #CallYourGrandma. 


    Gelson’s is one of the country’s premier grocery chains, with an unusually loyal customer base. Founded in 1951, Gelson’s has been on the forefront of grocery trends that have since gone nationwide – from Saturday farmers markets to popular holiday tasting parties.

    Earlier this year in its annual supermarket rankings(opens in a new tab), Consumer Reports named Gelson’s “Best in the West” and one of the top grocery chains nationwide. In particular, Gelson’s earned the magazine’s highest possible score in meat quality.

    “People who shop at Gelson’s know and appreciate great food, and the Impossible Burger is going to become a go-to favorite in home-cooked meals, from dim sum to BBQ,” said Gelson's President and CEO Rob McDougall. “We’ll also be unveiling delicious new recipes featuring Impossible in Gelson’s Kitchen and offering an Impossible Burger at our Wine & Tapas bars. We’re excited to bring another important world-wide first-to-market product to our customers, who love trying innovative, delicious food.”

    Beginning in October, shoppers can get free samples of the Impossible Burger and participate in homestyle cooking demos at select Gelson’s outlets. For details, check out in a new tab). Browse the growing collection of Impossible recipes – from the classic American BBQ burger to lasagna, chili, meatloaf, dumplings and more. Home chefs can share their favorite recipes and photos by tagging #CookImpossible.


    The Impossible Burger is kosher, halal and gluten-free certified, and it’s plant-based and bioengineered. A 12-ounce package of Impossible Burger will cost $8.99 at Gelson’s Markets, available in the meat cases, both fresh and frozen. Gelson’s is limiting each customer purchase to 10 packages per visit.

    The Impossible Burger is delicious in all ground meat recipes, including stews, chili, sauces, braises, minces, meatballs, meat pies or any other beefy menu item. It’s easy to cook on an outdoor BBQ grill, flat top, Instant Pot, high speed oven, steamer or sauté pan. Home chefs can use the Impossible Burger in recipes from lasagna to lo mein.

    The Impossible Burger has as much bioavailable iron and protein as a comparable serving of ground beef from cows. A 4-ounce serving of Impossible Burger has 0 mg cholesterol, 14 grams of total fat, 8g of saturated fat and 240 calories. (A conventional 4-ounce “80/20” patty from cows has 80 mg cholesterol, 23 grams of total fat, 9g of saturated fat and 290 calories.)


    Founded in 2011 by Brown, a Stanford biochemistry professor emeritus and former pediatrician, Impossible Foods makes meat from plants(opens in a new tab) with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals. The company uses modern science and technology to create wholesome food, restore natural ecosystems, and feed a growing population sustainably. Impossible Foods’ mission is to eliminate the need for animals in the food chain by 2035. Read Brown’s blog(opens in a new tab) to learn more about the company’s mission.

    At the International Consumer Electronics Show in January 2019, Impossible Foods launched(opens in a new tab) the award-winning(opens in a new tab) and “shockingly good(opens in a new tab)” Impossible Burger 2.0 -- the company’s first significant product upgrade(opens in a new tab). The Impossible Burger, the first food ever featured at CES’ roster of game-changing technologies, won the show’s top prizes(opens in a new tab).

    Since the launch of 2.0, Impossible Foods’ sales have surged. Growth has come from every sales category in which the company does business – independent restaurants, large restaurant chains such as White Castle, Burger King, Red Robin, Cheesecake Factory and Qdoba, and non-commercial outlets such as theme parks, museums, stadiums, and college campuses. 


    The Impossible Burger is sold at restaurants in all 50 states and in nearly every type of cuisine – from pizza to poke sushi burritos. The Impossible Burger is now America’s most popular late-night delivery snack, according to Grubhub's(opens in a new tab) "State of the Plate" report, with delivery sales surging 529% in the first half of 2019 – proof that the product satisfies the midnight cravings of carnivores on the prowl for chow.

    The Impossible Slider at White Castle is considered one of America’s best fast-food burgers(opens in a new tab), and Impossible Burger mentions on Yelp are on fire(opens in a new tab). Political commentator and Texas cattle rancher Glenn Beck couldn’t tell the di(opens in a new tab)ff(opens in a new tab)erence between the Impossible Burger and ground beef from cows(opens in a new tab) in a side-by- side taste test, and the Washington Post called Impossible’s plant-based burger a “wake-up call to the meat industry(opens in a new tab).”

    In April, the world’s second largest burger chain, Burger King, debuted the Impossible Whopper(opens in a new tab) in a regional test in St. Louis. The 59-unit regional test of the Impossible Whopper at Burger King restaurants in St. Louis went exceedingly well(opens in a new tab); the Miami-based restaurant chain rolled out the Impossible Whopper last month to 7,200 U.S. restaurants nationwide.

    Since launching in Singapore in March 2019, sales have increased more than five-fold in Asia. Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat is sold in a wide range of restaurants and cuisines throughout Hong Kong, Singapore, and Macau – including internationally celebrated establishments by David Myers, Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck.

    Impossible Foods does not yet sell the Impossible Burger in Asian grocery stores. Stay tuned for more news – including the next retail launches – by visiting in a new tab) and on social media. 


    Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Impossible Foods makes delicious, nutritious meat and dairy products from plants — with a much smaller environmental footprint than meat from animals. The privately held company was founded in 2011 by Patrick O. Brown, M.D., Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry at Stanford University and a former Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. Investors include Khosla Ventures, Bill Gates, Google Ventures, Horizons Ventures, UBS, Viking Global Investors, Temasek, Sailing Capital, and Open Philanthropy Project.


    Gelson’s currently operates 27 full-service specialty grocery stores in Southern California. Each Gelson’s Market features the full amenities of a traditional supermarket, with the local flavor of a neighborhood market. Their high standards – for quality, value and freshness; unsurpassed service; and attention to detail – define the ultimate grocery shopping experience. With over 65 years’ experience, Gelson’s in- house experts know Southern California’s lifestyle and are driven to find only the best foods and exclusive values for their customers. Gelson’s is particularly known for flavorful, hand-selected produce, the best and freshest cuts of meat and seafood, and Chef-prepared signature recipes. This experience is rounded out by professionally designed floral arrangements, and a convenient selection of the highest quality grocery items. Find out why Life Tastes Better Here® at in a new tab).

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