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Impossible sausage food items stacked on top of one another on blue backgroundImpossible sausage food items stacked on top of one another on blue background

Pre-cooked. Perfectly Seasoned.

ImpossibleTM Sausage Made From Plants is taking over menus because of its delicious taste, ease of cooking and cult-like appeal with consumers. Breakfast never looked better.

(Have You Heard?)

Breakfast is making a comeback.

We all love breakfast. In 2019, nearly 152 billion breakfast items were eaten at cafes, restaurants and chains in the United States. But it’s not stopping there. Breakfast spending is projected to rise even more in the future, and guess what consumers want to see on the menu? Hint: Delicious meat, made from plants.

This is excellent news for food service operators who serve (or want to serve) breakfast because our award-winning Impossible™ Sausage patties are easy to cook with and hard to resist. Move over pork, there’s a new sausage on the menu.

Impossible sausage on everything bagel breakfast sandwich

(Award-Winning Taste)

Best of the Wurst

The comforting, crave-worthy taste of sausage, made from plants. Impossible Sausage comes in pre-seasoned, pre-cooked patties that are easy to cook with and perfect for breakfast — or any time of day.

Impossible sausage pasta with fork and glass of water on blue background
Impossible Sausage on a pizza
Impossible Sausage breakfast burrito cut in half on a plate
Impossible sausage breakfast sandwich with melty cheese and egg on a plate on a pink backgroundImpossible sausage breakfast sandwich with melty cheese and egg on a plate on a pink background


Convenience Delivered.

Do you have a delicious breakfast option that is equally good in store or on the go? If not, allow us to introduce you to your customers’ newest obsession. Impossible Sausage has the satisfying flavor and protein of pork sausage with 45% fewer calories, 60% less total fat and 0 mg of cholesterol compared to the leading pork sausage.* Get ready to indulge.

*The leading pork sausage contains 190 calories and 18g total fat while Impossible Sausage contains 100 calories and 7g total fat per 45g serving.

(Make an Impact)

From Plate to Planet

Impossible™ menu items have a track record of driving demand, sales and larger check sizes. They also resonate with consumers who want to make sustainable choices. 

Businesses are adding Impossible Sausage to the menu and reducing their environmental footprint. What impact will you create?

Impossible Sausage image griddle plant based Plant Based Protein Foods
Impossible sausage scramble with toast on a plate purple backgroundImpossible sausage scramble with toast on a plate purple background

(Let's Get Cooking)

Build Better Breakfasts with Impossible Sausage

Impossible Sausage elevates your favorite breakfast items, from egg and cheese sandwiches to breakfast burritos, bowls, omelettes and more. Check out our cooking guidelines & menu tips to keep your customers hungry for more.



Consumers everywhere are asking for Impossible products. Join the movement by serving it at your restaurant. Fill out your info below to get started!

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