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Read the full report here: Mission Earth: IF 2018 Impact Update(opens in a new tab)

This morning, we announced the release of our second annual report, detailing our progress toward our mission: to create a truly sustainable global food system, by eliminating the need to use animals for food production.

With every year comes new milestones. This year, we’re happy to announce that the Impossible™ Burger, our flagship product, is now being served at nearly 3,000 restaurants across the United States, Hong Kong, and Macau. To keep up with demand, we’re doubling meat production at Oakland and expanding the IF team. And we’re not doing it alone: We launched several partnerships this year, from White Castle to the nation’s largest food banks.

On the wire: Impossible Foods’ 2018 Impact Report details the food tech startup’s strategic roadmap(opens in a new tab)


If Americans were to replace 50% of ground beef from cows with Impossible™ meat, we would:

  • Spare the atmosphere of at least 45 million metric tons of carbon: the equivalent of removing the emissions of at least 11 million drivers in the United States for a full year.

  • Save at least 3.2 trillion gallons of water: equivalent to the water used by at least 90 million Americans in one year.

  • Release at least 190,000 square kilometers of land now being used for livestock and their feed: a land area the size of New England, which could be restored to healthy wildlife habitat, reducing atmospheric carbon in the process.

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