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(Launch a new menu)

Event Overview

Rolling out a new dish—let alone a new offering like an Impossible™ menu item—is an incredible opportunity to attract new customers, make a splash, and grow revenue. In this candid conversation with the team at Rubio’s Coastal Grill, we go over each phase of a gold star menu launch and discuss how, when & where to communicate your exciting news.

What's inside:

  • Culinary ideation & menu development

  • How to create an omnichannel promotional plan that drives sales

  • Attract a younger audience with a culturally relevant marketing strategy

  • (Meet the Experts)


    Get to know the strategists behind Rubio's wildly successful menu rollout and launch

    Justin Mosel

    Director of Culinary, Rubio's Restaurants, Inc

    Jennifer Scheer

    Director of Marketing, Rubio's Restaurants, Inc

    Terry Splane

    Growth Foodservice Marketing, National Accounts, Impossible Foods

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