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Meet Impossible Foods

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About Us

Hi. We're Impossible Foods! Our mission is to make the global food system truly sustainable by making meat, fish, and dairy products from plants. Why? Animal agriculture uses a tremendous amount of the world's natural resources. In 2016, we launched our first product, the Impossible™ Burger* in the United States. It's delicious, packed with protein, and uses a small fraction of the land, water and energy required to make meat from a cow.

In 2022, we launched in the UK with Impossible™ ”Chicken” Nuggets Made From Plants and Impossible™ Sausage Patties Made From Plants. We’re excited to bring more products to the UK soon!

(Our Founding Story)

Mission Minded Origins

During a sabbatical in 2009, Stanford University Professor Dr. Patrick O. Brown decided to switch the course of his career to address the urgent problem of climate change by making the global food system sustainable. Pat brought together a team of top scientists to recreate the entire sensory experience of meat, dairy and fish using plants. We debuted our first product, Impossible Burger*, in 2016. Since then, we've continued to blast ahead to preserve the planet we call home.



The team behind Impossible Foods is made up of scientists and social media experts, industry veterans and interns, micro and macro thinkers, steadfast vegans and meat-loving omnivores. Despite many differences, we share common ground: kindness, curiosity, and a deep motivation to save the best known planet in our universe.

Chief Executive Officer

Peter McGuinness

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Chief Demand Officer

Sherene Jagla

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Chief Science Officer

Sunil Chandran

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Chief Of Staff

Nate Gorence

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Chief Marketing Officer

Leslie Sims

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Chief Legal Officer

Jason Gao

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Chief Supply Chain Officer

Rob Haas

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