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Impossible Foods Suppliers Invoicing Requirements


At Impossible Foods, we’re continuously striving to make invoicing a seamless process from issuance to payment. In doing so, we aim to drive efficiency, effectiveness, and enhancement of our internal controls. We’ve put together the following guidelines to ensure compliance to our invoicing process. 

All invoices must be sent in a Black & White PDF and contain the following information to be approved:

1. Vendor’s remit-to name

2. Remit to details such as check delivery address or bank details

3. Bill to details – Impossible Foods address: 400 Saginaw Drive Redwood City, CA 94063

4. Ship to details – Impossible site where products were shipped/service was performed 

                a. 400 Saginaw Drive Redwood City, CA 94063

                b. 550 85th Ave, Oakland, CA 94603

5. Title of document – invoice or credit memo

6. Unique sequence number – invoice number or credit memo number

7. Invoice date

8. Purchase Order number – will start with 45 and is a total of 10 digits

9. Description – detail of the charge such as subject, material, description of services, quantity, price, etc. 

10. Payment terms

11. Taxable amount

12. Tax amount

13. Invoice total to be paid and invoice currency

See below for an example invoice: 

Please be sure to attach each individual invoice as a separate document. Send invoices to our Concur inbox: [email protected] 


Once your invoice is submitted, it will be paid as per contract terms or otherwise established.  

Payments are processed weekly and are made on or after the first Thursday following the due date. 

Questions and inquiries can be sent to the Accounts Payable inbox: [email protected](opens in a new tab). Please be sure to reference the invoice number in question.