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Digital Marketing

Drive traffic by marketing ImpossibleTM Products on your digital channels

On this page, you can find Impossible Foods social & digital guidelines, inspiration for ImpossibleTM recipes, and downloadable social assets.

ImpossibleTM Social & Digital 101

Tip 1: Use images from our image library

Make sure you highlight the packaged product so shoppers know what to look for on your shelves, but don’t forget to show off all the recipes you can make with Impossible™ Burger—anything you can make with ground beef, you can make with Impossible Burger.

Tip 2: Leverage the almighty hashtag

We have over 100,000 posts using #impossibleburger. The more people who use this hashtag, the more likely people will know you’re selling Impossible Burger.

Tip 3: Talk to us!

We love seeing posts from our retail partners. We also love reposting them. Be sure to tag us, so we can make the burger-romance real on social.

Download our full resource guide to learn more!

(Recipe Inspiration)

Developing ImpossibleTM Recipes

When it comes to creating new recipe content, anything you can make with ground beef you can make with Impossible Burger. Fire up the grill (or skillet or saucepan). Here’s some inspiration to get you started. Want the images associated with the recipe? Right click to save.

Comment le cuire

Fabriqué à base de plantes pour des personnes qui aiment la viande. Épicé, en sauce, braisé, grillé, apprêtez-le comme vous le souhaitez! Si vous savez comment cuisiner du bœuf haché, vous saurez comment cuisiner l'Impossible Burger.

Des sautés...

aux boulettes de viande…

aux burgers,
et plus encore!

Social Images

Use these images on your social channels to promote Impossible products in your store.

Open BBQ Devour 1080x1080.psdPSD

Open Sizzle Eat 1080x1080.gifPSD

Open BBQ Devour 1080x1080.gifGIF

Open Sizzle Eat 1080x1080.gifGIF

Generic Now At 1080x1080.mp4MP4

Generic Now At 1080x1080.gifGIF

Generic Now At 1080x1920.mp4MP4

Generic Now At 1080x1920.gifGIF

Impossible Burger Pack 1080x1080.jpgJPG

Impossible Retail Shelf 1080x1080.jpgJPG

Impossible Retail Bag 1080x1080.jpgJPG

Impossible Products Blue 1080x1080.pngPNG

Impossible Products Purple 1080x1080.pngPNG