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ImpossibleTM Recipes

Cook your favorite ground beef recipes using ImpossibleTM Burger — meat made from plants.

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Our Favorite Recipes

Time to dive into cooking with Impossible Burger! We’ve put together dozens of easy dinner recipes that come from leading restaurant chefs, our customers, and our own test kitchens. These recipes are easy for anyone used to cooking with ground beef. Try recipes like Impossible™ Lasagna or Impossible™ Americana Burger, and quickly discover that cooking with Impossible Burger is like cooking with ground beef… delicious, but better for the planet.

(Made with Impossible Burger)

Make Your Favorite Burger Recipes

Sometimes all you really want—or need—is a big juicy burger. Impossible Burger is the planet-friendly choice for your next burger. Try each of these tasty burger recipes sure to fill you up and put you in burger heaven. (We’re especially partial to the Impossible Juicy Lucy.)

(Made With Impossible Burger)

Make Your Favorite Ground Beef Recipes

Impossible Burger is the planet-friendly alternative in any recipe that calls for ground beef. It cooks like ground beef in your favorite dishes—and tastes great in everything from your messiest Sloppy Joes to Larb, a Laotian dish. You can finally make plant-based versions of your favorite meat-coma, ground beef recipes!



Save the planet, one delicious meal at a time! We've partnered with some of the world's best chefs to bring you 40 delicious plant-based recipes.