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Another night, another round of everyday ground beef recipes. Ho-hum. Not so fast, my friend, as Lee Corso would say. We have some Impossible™ Burger recipes here that take tired old standards and turn them into meals that are delicious and inventive. Another night, but not another evening of dull food. 

The message here is a simple one: just because you’re serving a familiar ground beef recipe doesn’t mean it has to be boring or bad for the planet. These aren’t just recipes that use Impossible Burger as a substitute. These ground beef recipes are tasty and innovative new ways of cooking the classics that we’re sure your family will devour. Dig in!

(Made from Plants)

Looking for Simplicity? Simple “Ground Beef” Recipes

Every time we visited our grandma, somehow she got around to serving stuffed bell peppers. Every time! Well, if you’re thinking ‘no more!’, you need to try our Impossible™ Stuffed Bell Peppers (opens in a new tab)recipe by Chef Mimi. This is a super easy recipe to make, and the ingredients list is fairly short. But simplicity doesn’t mean boring. These stuffed peppers are flavorful, cheesy and fun. Try these simple ground beef recipes, now made with Impossible Burger.

(Made From Plants)

Ground Beef Dinner Ideas—The Impossible Burger Way

Anything you make with ground beef can be made with Impossible Burger.Let’s start out our revamped ground beef dinner ideas with a Cheesy Impossible™ Shepherd’s Pie.(opens in a new tab) Don’t let the extensive ingredients list feel daunting. This is a super easy recipe to make and you can put it together in less than an hour. It takes just ten minutes to assemble the dish and forty-five minutes is cooking time. So whip this up, put it in the oven, take off your work shoes and pour yourself a pint. You’re having yourself an Impossible Shepherd’s Pie night. Things are going to be just fine. 

(Made with Impossible Burger)


If it’s already 5:45 and you’ve got limited time to get dinner on the table, reach for these easy ground beef recipes with few ingredients, with one important swap from your generic ground beef. These dinner ideas are made with Impossible Burger, so they’re much friendlier to the planet!



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