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(Impossible Foods ERG)

LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group

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Established in 2018, the goal for Impossible PRIDE is to ensure diversity and acceptance at all levels of the company. Impossible PRIDE can provide guidance and help to ensure that everyone — in particular, individuals who identify as a member or ally of the LGBTQ+ community — feels welcomed to be their authentic selves and feels included here at Impossible Foods. The Impossible PRIDE ERG empowers all employees to make an impact, both in thought and in action.


  • Foster an inclusive environment for all LGBTQ+ employees and allies to ensure equitable access 

  • Increased awareness with employee education

  • Support the broader LGBTQ+ community 

  • Key Initiatives

  • HRC Corporate Equality Index: Impossible Pride led a cross-functional effort with the People team this year to conduct an extensive self-audit of policies and practices. We submitted the findings to the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index, which outlines rigorous, fair, transparent and research-backed criteria to improve the experiences of LGBTQ+ employees. In January 2021, the Human Rights Campaign Foundation announced that Impossible Foods earned a 100 percent ranking on the Corporate Equality Index(opens in a new tab). Our self-audit’s preliminary inclusiveness score was strong -- and spurred meaningful improvements we’ve already implemented:

  • We adjusted our supplier code of conduct to close loopholes on anti-discrimination policy by including equal opportunity employment language. 

  • We added LGBTQ+ considerations to our headquarters and manufacturing selection process. The process triggers an assessment of whether new operations in certain states or countries might infringe on employees’ right to marry, adopt children, access proper medical care, use the appropriate bathroom and promote workplace safety.

  • We began construction to remodel our primary office space, working closely with employees to ensure all bathrooms at the new facility are gender-neutral. 

  • We drafted a new policy on charitable giving that prevents contributions 
to organizations that hold discriminatory policies. 

  • We organized a series of seminars, open to all employees, about the extraordinary importance of empowering employees to feel safe and 
open about all aspects of their lives.

  • Celebrating PRIDE: For Annual Pride Month, Impossible Pride organized the “Out and Out Of Office” (“OOOO”) initiative, encouraging employees to use their "Team Up, Dig In" mission day to volunteer for Pride Month and local LGBTQ+ organizations.

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