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There’s more to ground hamburger recipes than always making burgers! Just because you have Impossible Burger in your refrigerator doesn’t mean you have to make a burger (although they are delicious!). Impossible Burger sizzles and cooks like ground beef(opens in a new tab) from cows*, from the way it browns and sears to its meaty aroma. You can easily swap it into your favorite ground hamburger recipes.

From tacos to enchiladas, meatballs to stir fry, the possibilities are endless. And as a bonus, you’ll also be lowering your environmental footprint with each meal you make, which is a win for both planet AND palette! Check out some of the delicious, meaty recipes you can make with Impossible Burger.

*In a home usage study, 70% of 254 US consumers who cooked with Impossible™ Burger thought the taste was comparable to or better than ground beef from cows, and 77% thought it sizzled like ground beef from cows.
Impossible foods Taco Salad Recipe made with Impossible Burger comfort foods Easy Ground Beef Recipes with Few Ingredients
Impossible foods Taco Salad Recipe made with Impossible Burger comfort foods Easy Ground Beef Recipes with Few Ingredients

(Made from Plants)

Cooking with Impossible Burger

Let’s take a trip around the world with some of our favorite Impossible Burger recipes. First stop: England and our Impossible™ Shepherd’s Pie(opens in a new tab) from Chef Traci Des Jardins. Few dishes are more classically English than a Shepherd’s Pie, and with good reason. This is comfort food on an epic scale. It’s meaty, hearty and oh so tasty.

From there, how about a Laotian meat salad? Sound crazy? It’s not, it’s delicious! Try our Impossible™ Larb(opens in a new tab). Larb is considered the unofficial national dish of Laos. It’s time to break out of the rut of the salads you’ve been grinding out and try this tangy, bright dish with a splash of lime. 

Finally, a stop in Italy for many people’s favorite cuisine: Italian. We like to follow our grandmother’s rule: make lasagna once a month. Our Impossible™ Lasagna(opens in a new tab) is, like Grandma’s lasagna, a real labor of love, with layers of bolognese sauce, noodles, and cheese (use plant-based cheese to make this recipe fully plant-based!). Think of it this way: has there ever been a time when you told everyone that you were making lasagna and people were unhappy? Never. They’re going to love this gooey lasagna made with Impossible Burger.

Impossible Foods Shepherd's Pie Recipe made with Impossible Burger Simple Ground Beef Recipes


80 min
  • 4Servings
  • 17Ingredients
  • Not Too Tricky
original impossible™ shepherd's pie
Try this Impossible™ Larb Recipe made with Impossible™ Burger

ImpossibleTM Larb

25 min
  • 6Servings
  • 12Ingredients
  • Not Too Tricky
impossible™ larb
A large pan of lasagna with lots of melted cheese and a hearty Impossible Beef meat sauce, with several pieces removed and served on plates.

ImpossibleTM Lasagna

90 min
  • 8Servings
  • 18Ingredients
  • Showing Off
impossible™ lasagna
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