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Impossible Burger works perfectly in your favorite hamburger recipes and ground beef recipes, no matter the cuisine you want to cook: Korean, Mexican, American, Italian, Chinese, and more. While any dish with Impossible™ meat made from plants is going to be epic and delicious, nothing can beat the juicy, comforting taste of a burger. To help you satisfy all of your cravings, we’re sharing our most mouthwatering burger recipes(opens in a new tab) so you can impress your friends (and your stomach!) the next time you decide to open up the grill.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our Recipes page(opens in a new tab) for delicious meals made even better with Impossible Burger.

(Made From Plants)

Hamburger Recipes Made With Impossible Burger

Get your napkins out, because first up is the Impossible™ Chili Cheeseburger Recipe.(opens in a new tab)

This colossal burger is the Mt. Everest of delicious, messy happiness. You get to use Impossible Burger twice in this dish—first for the burger and second for the chili. When you whip up a batch of these burgers, make sure to bring an extra roll of paper towels and let your crew get messy.

The Impossible™ Juicy Lucy(opens in a new tab) is an American bar food classic. Invented by two rival bars in Minneapolis, this is a cheeseburger with the cheese on the inside! And with this particular recipe, you’ll have a secret ingredient that will take your Impossible Juicy Lucy to the next level—our Americana sauce, which incorporates creaminess, spice and crunchy goodness in every bite.

What about a burger without a bun? It’s time for  Impossible™ BBQ Meatloaf(opens in a new tab). This is an old-fashioned, no-frills, tasty and perfect meatloaf made with Impossible Burger (AKA the ultimate comfort food). Try some tonight—you’ll thank us later.

Impossible Chili Cheeseburger recipe made with Impossible Burger

ImpossibleTM Chili Cheeseburger Recipe

60 min
  • 6Servings
  • 16Ingredients
  • Super Easy
impossible™ chili cheeseburger recipe
Impossible Juicy Lucy Burger, sliced in half, showing delicious cheese melted in the center of the burger.

ImpossibleTM Juicy Lucy Burger

60 min
  • 3Servings
  • 12Ingredients
  • Super Easy
impossible™ juicy lucy burger
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