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ImpossibleTM: The Cookbook is Here!

By Impossible Foods

Impossible Cookbook full of Plant Based Meat Recipes and Easy Keto Recipes Easy Ground Beef Recipes with Few Ingredients

How to save our planet, one delicious meal at a time.

“In my now 35 years of cooking, this is the most revolutionary product I have encountered.”—Chef Traci Des Jardins

Introducing Impossible™: The Cookbook, made for people who love meat and the earth. Billions of people around the world depend on meat for its nutritional value and the daily pleasure it brings to their lives. But the way the world produces meat today has a devastating impact on the environment—greater than that of any other industry on Earth. So we needed to find a way to produce the meat the world loves, while caring for our planet. And we did. We’re making meat—mouthwatering, craveable, nutritious meat—from plants, so we never have to use animals again. The next step? Enjoy it! Whether you’re cooking with grandma’s beloved recipe or one from this book, you’re doing something great for your tastebuds and the planet.

This recipe collection dives into the fundamentals of cooking with Impossible™ Burger, and an overview of our mission to create a more sustainable food system. It features 40 delicious and sustainable plant-based recipes for home cooks of all levels, from savory starters like Impossible Moroccan Cigars, Churrasco Skewers with Chimichurri, and Jamaican Patties with Calypso Sauce, to center-of-the-plate mains such as Thai Laab with Fresh Herbs, Turkish-Spiced Sandwiches with Garlic Sauce, Szechuan Mapo Tofu, and of course, a chapter dedicated to burgers.

It spotlights insights, recipes and pairings from some of the world’s leading chefs and personalities who first introduced Impossible to the world, including Traci Des Jardins (Arguello, The Commissary, School Night, Public House; San Francisco), Tal Ronnen (Crossroads Kitchen, Los Angeles), Michael Symon (B Spot Burgers, Cleveland), Brad Farmerie (Saxon + Parole, New York City), May Chow (Little Bao, Hong Kong), Tanya Holland (Brown Sugar Kitchen, Oakland), Kwame Onwuachi (Kith and Kin, Washington D.C.), and Eric Wareheim (Las Jaras Wines, Sebastopol). 

The best part? For each Impossible™: The Cookbook sold on Amazon in 2020, Impossible Foods will donate $3 to No Kid Hungry(opens in a new tab), working to end child hunger in America by ensuring that all children get the healthy food they need during school closures and beyond.

You can find Impossible™: The Cookbook (Chronicle Books, $29.99) at the following retailers: Bookshop(opens in a new tab)Barnes & Noble(opens in a new tab)Target(opens in a new tab)Powell’s Books(opens in a new tab)WalMart(opens in a new tab) and Amazon(opens in a new tab). And browse IndieBound(opens in a new tab) to find an independent bookshop selling the book near you! While you wait for it to arrive, check out our store locator(opens in a new tab) to find Impossible products at your local stores.

Special thanks to... 

Our Chef Contributors: Jamie Bissonnette, May Chow, Pinky Cole, Justin Cucci, Que Vinh Dang, Traci Des Jardins, Erik Drobey, Susan Feniger, Tanya Holland, Douglas Keane, Ricky Leung, Mary Sue Milliken, Kwame Onwuachi, Ken Oringer, Tal Ronnen, Sarah Schafer, Andrei Soen, Michael Symon, and Eric Wareheim.

Our Impossible Foods Staff Contributors: J Michael Melton, Carolyn Chen, Jen Shiu, Laura Kliman, Marjorie Munneke, Olivia Pear, and Winnie Yeoh.

We couldn’t have done this without you!

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