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Summer 2018: Hiring Tomorrow’s Changemakers

Impossible Foods Interns Holding Name Tags sustainable issue
Investing in the next generation has always been a core part of our mission. This summer, we welcomed a group of 18 interns (selected from 18 different university programs, and a pool of 1500 applicants) to Impossible Foods Headquarters, to participate in our first official Summer Internship Program. Fresh-faced and ready to change the food system, they rocked our world for 12 weeks, bringing new insights to our R&D, Business Development, Strategy, Legal, and Creative teams.
“What IF?” is a common mantra here at Impossible, but for our interns, we wanted to know “Why IF?” See their answers and alma maters below.

“I believe Impossible Foods can and will defeat animal agriculture. Not to mention, I absolutely *love* the Impossible™ Burger.” — Kyle, UC Berkeley Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

“I was drawn in by the company’s culture of creative problem solving and its focus on working to reduce the environmental impact of our food systems.” — Andrew, Penn State Food Science

“I chose Impossible because of its people. It’s clear how committed everyone is to the mission at hand: saving our planet.” — Christine, Johns Hopkins Materials Science & Engineering

“Impossible Foods is at a really interesting stage in their expansion. The company is growing quickly and really gaining traction, making it an exciting time to be around.” — Shireen, Stanford Bioengineering

“I am inspired by the mission that drives Impossible Foods. My values really align with company’s; I care about Earth and so does Impossible.” — Katie, UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition and Chemistry

“The story behind Impossible was compelling. Between the altruistic ambition behind the mission and the ingenious strategy being employed to achieve it, this is a place where I feel like I’m making a difference.” — Margo, Stanford Product Design Engineering

“Impossible is solving one of the biggest problems in one of the smartest ways. This is a consumer facing biotech company — a rarity which is evident in the company culture. Science is celebrated and attitudes are open and collaborative.” — Jessica, University of Maryland Chemical Engineering

“I see Impossible as a global leader in creating a sustainable, plant-based future. Who wouldn’t want a chance to contribute to such an essential, high impact mission?” — Connor, Harvard Molecular and Cellular Biology

“I admire the mission-driven nature of the company. Its “moonshot” approach to solving a massive problem is truly inspiring.” — Majid, Harvard Law School

“Impossible Foods is a company with an earnest mission and great scientists leading the way.” — Jane, Georgia Tech Bioinformatics

“Sustainability and saving the Earth are what I care about most in the world. I couldn’t imagine contributing in a more meaningful way than at Impossible!” — Emilie, Harvard Business School MBA

“Impossible Foods is helping to heal the most destructive technology on Earth, the most incredible planet in the known universe. We urgently need to shift the way we eat — and Impossible offers an innovative and tasty solution.” — Malaika, Stanford Earth Systems

“Impossible Foods represents the intersection of three of my biggest interests: technology, food, and sustainability.” — Charlie, MIT Sloan MBA

“I absolutely love and support the company’s mission to fix our food system.” — Kate, Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA

“Impossible Foods is a fast-paced company full of positive energy, solving one of the world’s most crucial issues.” — Parker, Southern Methodist University Political Science and Public Policy

“I want to keep eating delicious meat without the consequences of factory farming. I believe Impossible Foods can help our global food system get there.” — Aidan, UWaterloo Mechanical Engineering

Impossible Foods Interns Holding Name Tags sustainable issue
Impossible Foods Interns Holding Name Tags sustainable issue

To our summer dream team, thank you. We’ll miss you and we can’t wait to see where next year takes you.

To everyone else, check out to find out how to join our team.

Check out locations serving the Impossible Burger(opens in a new tab) and our FAQs(opens in a new tab) for more info. More questions? Contact us at [email protected](opens in a new tab).

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