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Understand your impact

Read the full Impossible Beef Life Cycle Assessment(opens in a new tab) to understand how we calculate environmental resource reductions versus beef from a cow. For a full picture of the impact that beef production has on natural habitats, check out these resources: 

Beef production uses 41% of the land area of the contiguous US (opens in a new tab)

Water, beef, and the plight of fish in the west(opens in a new tab)

The extraordinary water footprint of beef(opens in a new tab)

Read the full Impossible Sausage and Impossible Pork Life Cycle Assessment(opens in a new tab) to understand how we calculate the environmental savings of choosing Impossible Sausage over sausage from a pig. For a full picture of why plant-based meat is easier on the planet and public health, check out these links: 

 Pigging out on antibiotics(opens in a new tab)

 The climate impact of meat from pigs(opens in a new tab)

 9% feed efficiency isn’t very efficient(opens in a new tab)

It’s never been easier to take action on climate change and reduce your footprint. Hit the link below to check out all the locations you can get your hands on Impossible™ products.

Footprint calculations assume 1:1 displacement of the production of meat from animals by the consumption of plant-based meat and do not account for other potential uses of water and land resources. Individual purchases of Impossible products may vary in impact.

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